011 Reporter The FX Awards return at the Grosvenor House in London for a night to remember on 30 November

012 The Business News and pictures from the design sector

016 Top Ten The best new products to market

018 Diary Pick of the events coming up over the next few months

020 One to Watch Showcasing the work of Evan Benway at Moodsonic, a firm specialising in biophilic design

022 Profile Thomas Lykke, head of design and founding partner of OEO Studio, elaborates on his firm’s unique take on minimalist design


026 Casson Mann and Hassell / The First Light Pavilion, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Chesire the transformation of the Jodrell Bank Observatory not only provides a transformation for the future, but pays homage to the site’s heritage

033 Conran and Partners / Taj Buckingham

Gate, London The five-star property incorporates the Indian heritage of the brand as well as taking inspiration from the building’s Victorian architecture

036 Shedkm / The Dance Space, Brighton

With accessibility placed front and centre, The Dance Space in Brighton’s Circus Street area provides culture and regeneration to its surrounding climes


030 Brief Encounters Veronica Simpson discovers an innovative prototype for compact, zero-waste living in Bristol

040 Brief Encounters Veronica Simpson catches up with the creators of Ty Pawb’s unique ecosystem in Wrexham

068 Exhibition David Trigg walks us through plastic’s journey, from wonder material to maligned ecological menace

079 Obituary With the passing of Max Fordham, Britain has lost an icon of sustainable design and environmentally friendly engineering. Stephen Hitchins examines his life and legacy

090 Local Heroes By preserving the past and the places we care about, we can form a bridge of continuity from the past to the present – and beyond. Veronica Simpson

takes us on a journey through a selection of these community-enriching spaces

098 Monet-Mitchell Where Claude Monet painted what he perceived, Joan Mitchell painted what she felt. Stephen Hitchins explores an exhibition that brings these two artists’ styles together


043 Hotels Toby Maxwell speaks to leading architects and designers working on the latest hotels, and walks us through a bespoke selection of intriguing designs

058 Flooring Toby Maxwell takes stock of the latest flooring solutions, and examines three projects and their takes on how flooring should be done right


104 Light + Tech Jill Entwistle takes us through some of this year’s award-winning lighting installations


118 If Only… children had design review oversight, says Kevin Kudo-King, principal and owner of Olson Kundig