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This months contributors

Stuart Atkinson

Seasoned observer

“Planets, nebulae, galaxies, stars: there’s going to be so much to see in the night sky this December, we’re in for a treat”. Turn to page 28, where Stuart reveals his top 25 night-sky sights for the run-up to Christmas

Charlotte Daniels

Astronomy journalist

“Mars is easy to spot and beautiful to view in the right conditions, so getting the chance to see it at its best is always a highlight!” Charlotte tells us how to get the maximum out of Mars season on page 35

Ezzy Pearson

Features editor

“It’s been fascinating covering the Apollo programme, and none more so than the final mission. The science-packed expedition is still revolutionising planetary science 50 years later.” Travel back to Apollo 17 with Ezzy on page 62

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Interview: Apollo 17, behind the scenes

Dermot Gethings attended the launch of the last mission to the Moon. He reveals his first-hand view of the event.

Watch The Sky at Night: Question Time

In this episode of The Sky at Night, filmed in front of a live audience, the team and guests tackle your queries about the cosmos.

Observing forms and deep-sky tours

Download extra materials including observing forms, deep-sky tours and astronomy software that will guide your mount.

The Virtual Planetarium

Pete Lawrence and Paul Abel guide us through the best sights to see in the night sky this month.