December 2022 vol 73 No.866

836 My life with trains Railway of the Month

Pete Waterman’s chart-topping successes actually came long after the roots of his railway interests were laid down, as he reveals in this exclusive interview with Senior Editor Steve Flint.

844 What to see at Warley

Hall 5 of Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre will be filled with a cornucopia of railway modelling delights on the weekend of 26 & 27 November. We take a look at some of the highlights.

848 Margate Warren

Warley MRC member Andy Hudson describes a OO gauge project, inspired by the railways of the West Country, and destined for eventual display in the South East.

852 Making a start in N – part 3 In the final article of the trilogy, Chris Ford adds the scenic detailing to complete this compact urban N gauge layout.

856 Hybrid modelling and the new TT:120 scale

Project of the Month

Mike Flemming describes how he combines 3D printing technology with traditional construction methods, and its versatility for working in different scales.

860 BR Standard Class 3MT 2-6-2T Scale Drawings

The BR Standard Class 3MT was rendered extinct in 1968, yet a new-build example is due to appear at the Warley show. Toby Jennings describes the class, alongside scale drawings by Ian Beattie.

864 Wandleford Junction

Andrew Knights sought to recreate the scenes of South London suburbia and has built an evocative view of 1970s/80s British Rail commuter life.

868 Nantymoel Plan of the Month

Joshua Williams looks to the valleys of South Wales and suggests that they potentially offer more scope than the usual West Country Great Western branch terminus.

870 Where’s the catch?

Toby Jennings explains where to use the Peco catch point on your layout, and how to create an alternative version from a Peco bullhead point.

874 Chwarel Tegid

Tim Williams had built a working incline in isolation for a future project. However, an exhibition invite created the need to build a dedicated new layout around it.