The Wire 466 | December 2022



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50 Soundcheck

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51 Molly Joyce Ultra Magnus. By Jo Hutton


  • Giovanni Di Domenico Texture mapping. By Stewart Smith

71 Charles Stepney

  • Hearing the homework. By John Morrison

74 Print Run

  • New music books, including:


Saxophone Colossus & Holy Ghost

New biographies of Sonny Rollins and Albert Ayler. By Phil Freeman

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79 No Bounds

  • Sheffield festival celebrates the city’s history of electronic experimentation. By Dan Barrow

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10 Unlimited Editions

  • Dadaist Tapes

10 Unofficial Channels DJ M-TRAXXX

12 Zubin Kanga

  • New horizons for the composer, pianist and technologist. By Emily Bick

14 Suzi Analogue

  • Never Normal for the Miami dancefloor experimentalist. By Neil Kulkarni


  • Ustad Noor Bakhsh On the trail of the benju master. By Francis Gooding

18 Ale Hop

The Peruvian artist negotiates new sonic territories. By Hannah Pezzack

Global Ear

20 Korean Demilitarised Zone

United by music in no man’s land. By James Gui

  • The Inner Sleeve Melvin Gibbs on Ornette Coleman’s Dancing In Your Head
  • Epiphanies Inside and out with DJ Marcelle

Invisible Jukebox

24 Hamid Drake

Will the US drummer get the tempo of The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Bill Meyer

30 Weyes Blood

The US vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist delivers apocalyptic visions via deceptively lush avant pop. By Emily Pothast

34 Richard Pinhas

  • At the age of 71 the French experimental guitarist and Heldon founder is still going all the way out. By Daniel Spicer

The Primer

40 French underground rock

A user’s guide to the subcultural eruption that belched forth the likes of Heldon, Brigitte Fontaine, Lard Free and Art Zoyd. By Keith Moliné

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Cover: Richard Pinhas by Senta Simond