Winter 2022

p. 3 Editor’s Note

p. 6 The Q&A Adam Rutherford

p. 10 Witness Compiled by our team

p. 71 Crossword Set by Chaliapin

p. 73 Quiz

Set by Chris Maslanka

p. 8 Soapbox

Riding the Korean Wave By Samira Ahmed

p. 16 Cosmos In praise of Jocelyn Bell By Marcus Chown

p. 70 In a word

"Mob" By Michael Rosen

p. 74 Endgame Why I hate holidays By Laurie Taylor


p. 18 Reportage The rise and fall of a

Andrew Copson on monarchy, Church and state, page 38

“This theory could solve the problem of how DNA originated”

Peter Forbes, page 30

protest movement that transformed Sri Lanka By Minoli Salgado

p. 22 History

What did the Huxley family believe? By Alison Bashford

p. 26 Rights Meet the young people fighting to protect the

rights of the unborn By Isabella Kaminski

p. 30 Science

A new theory of the origin of life could prove revolutionary By Peter Forbes

p. 34 Politics

How did "tolerant" Sweden end up with the far right

pulling the strings? By Dominic Hinde

p. 38 Religion Why do we still have an established Church? By Andrew Copson

p. 42 Cover story From octopuses to AI, let's expand our view of intelligence By Jay Owens


p. 48 Language The power and punch of