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In this issue Issue Autumn

Compass Editorial The work of the late John Wertime, and why new approaches are the heart of our subject

Dialogue Stolen tapestries recovered; a new Tibetan art museum; Beninese art returns home; Hajji Baba research fellowship; Whitehawk show changes hands; ICOC tour

Diary Auctions, exhibitions and fairs worldwide

Calendar Auctions, exhibitions, fairs and events

Thread of time When positioned aloft, luxury textiles denote the importance of the figure residing beneath

Travellers’ tales Selçuk Mergen The collector looks back on an exhibition held in `the Caravanserai of Sultanhanı

P r o fi l e Sandra Sardjono, president of the Tracing Patterns Foundation, on promoting and preserving the textile arts of Indonesia

In memoriam Fred Mushkat Remembering the late John Wertime and his valuable contributions to the understanding of textile traditions

Comment Kevin Ter vala The Baltimore Museum of Art curator challenges historic colonial attitudes

Anatomy of an object Havva Furat Ay An unusual Sivrihisar kilim in Istanbul’s Sadberk Hanım Museum is notable for its rare composition

Common thread Textiles appearing in other textiles, reinforcing their ubiquity

Features Northern delights Gunnar Nilsson Secrets of little known textile techniques unique to rural communities in Sweden

Every tangle of thread and rope Ann Coxon Magdalena Abakanowicz’s Abakans created a mixture of wonder and controversy when these woven artworks began appearing in the 1960s

Out of the woods Markus Voigt Dr Norbert Prammer from Linz reveals the roots of his rug, textile and tree collections

Kalamkari from the coast Sylvia Houghteling Emperors, kings and queens coveted Mughal textiles from the Indian city of Machilipatnam

Mounting excitement Sumru Belger Krody The Brick Freedman Collection of equestrian textiles at The Textile Museum, Washington, DC