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Autumn 2022

New research for Scotland’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation Earlier this year, the Scottish government published the National Strategy for Economic Transformation, which outlines a significant role for democratic businesses in regional regeneration and retaining local wealth. In particular, alternative business models are recognised for delivering strong outcomes on fair work and resilient communities. To support these policy ambitions, we’re working with Co-operative Development Scotland and the wider sector to undertake a review of the most effective approaches to substantially increase the number of co-operatives and employeeowned businesses in Scotland within the next decade. We’re interviewing those who are part of or supporting democratic businesses – from the local to the institutional level – to influence key policymakers and future government support for the sector, particularly those offering insights and recommendations on the role of policy, cultural awareness, business support, funding, strategic opportunities, and wider infrastructural changes. CommunityFed: Oldham The reliance on emergency food banks in Oldham has increased over the last 15 years, especially during the recent pandemic and the current cost of living crisis. CommunityFed: Oldham is an inspiring new training programme for Oldham’s voluntary, faith, community and social enterprise sectors to support them to create and deliver alternative solutions to access more local, affordable, healthy and sustainable food.

The three-month programme will offer workshops, webinars, study visits, and specialist support, ranging from developing community-led food enterprises to alternative business models, community partnerships to building new markets for local food initiatives.

If you’re based in the Oldham area and committed to transforming the food system, join our programme below and be part of a local movement. stirtoaction.com/community-fed Specialist support for Big Local Partnerships In 2012, Local Trust was established to deliver the Big Local programme, giving 150 communities who have missed out on Lottery and other funding £1.1m each to support local regeneration. A decade later, Big Local partnerships are now developing long-term legacy plans and we are working alongside groups in ‘left behind’ communities to identify and diversify income and fundraising sources through 1:1 support and events. New Economy Centre From November, Stir to Action is rolling out its first residential short-course programme at its training centre at Selgars Mill, Devon. You’re invited to explore new approaches to community engagement, local economics, and new models of ownership at Selgars Mill this autumn on three-day residential courses at the UK’s only training centre for the democratic economy, climate emergency and social change. Find out more and book at stirtoaction.com/selgarsmill. 2nd-4th November Doughnut Economics for communities and business 23rd-25th November Art of Invitation: Creative Approaches to Community Engagement March 2023 Employee Ownership Accelerator The New Economy Centre Campus Partnership programme is growing, with new partners coming on board each month. Find out more on how to become a campus partner at selgarsmill.co.uk/campus-partners

If you’d like to collaborate, partner, or be involved in any of our projects, you can contact us on events@stirtoaction.com