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Sam McDowell, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Helen Hobin, Thomas Dixon, Michael Pollan Diary

Olesya Khromeychuk They’ve blown it

Sam Freedman The joy of lex:

Stinking! Sarah Ogilvie plus Stephen Collins’s cartoon € Letters plus In fact „ Philosopher-at-large:

The hereditary principle Julian Baggini † Can AI master art?

Ethan Zuckerman „ Lives Crossword & Bobby Seagull’s

Brain Teaser Brief encounter

Orhan Pamuk

A different darkness

How The Waste Land became the most enigmatically quotable book of the last years Jeremy Noel-Tod Extremely online

Factions in dark corners of the web are destabilising democracy Mary Fitzgerald † Debt to the future

Should we value the generations to come as much as we do our own? Alex Dean „ The assimilation game

Joseph Roth was thwarted by prejudice—and his own failings Rachel Seiffert „ Books in brief „ Art: Franz Ka”a’s drawings

Thomas Marks „† Film: Patricio Guzmán’s Chile

Sukhdev Sandhu „ Stage: Elliot Levey’s rising star

Kate Maltby „ Classical: Arvo Pärt’s gift

Ian Thomson

→ Hashi Mohamed

on how the housing crisis harmed a generation → Taj Ali, Will Hutton

& John Lloyd on the fiscal unfairness of the mini-budget → Ailbhe Rea, Peter

Kellner & Lara Spirit on Liz Truss A t or

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