15 The land is ours

  • It brings power and wealth to whoever holds it, but land should be treated as a public good, argues Amy Hall.

22 Land – THE FACTS

23 Unwanted attraction

  • As the Bangladesh government promotes tourism in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Indigenous Jumma people are being squeezed out. Hana Shams Ahmed reports.
  • Land Back Riley Yesno explores some of the ways the Indigenous-led movement is redistributing land and wealth in North America.

30 For whose protection?

  • global target to expand protected areas for conservation been dubbed the ‘biggest land grab in history’ by Indigenous groups. Amy Hall examines why.
  • Nice little earner Maria Luisa Mendonça and Daniela Stefan explain how a teachers’ pension fund has helped drive intensive agriculture and real estate speculation in Brazil.
  • Roads for the rich, tents for the poor Nearly a year on from mass evictions in the Mukuru kwa Njenga settlement, Amy Hall hears from social justice activist Anami Daudi Toure about his community’s fight for justice.


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  • Plus: Why I…
  • Letter from Buenos Aires Virginia Tognola’s sympathy for a sweaty Santa as the festive season heats up.

40 Country Profile: Myanmar

  • Cartoon History – The Malayan Emergency Ilya’s graphic re-telling of ‘Britain’s Vietnam’.
  • Southern Exposure Photographer Gabriel Tejada snaps a performer preparing for Peru’s biggest carnival.

Temperature Check

  • Aruna Chandrasekhar argues that we need to keep one eye on the ‘other COP’.
  • The Interview Mohamad Hafez discusses art, architecture and his nostalgia for Syria with Louisa Waugh.
  • Hall of Infamy – Paul Kagame Being the vanquisher of the génocidaires and darling of the West hasn’t curbed the Rwandan leader’s tyrannical tendencies.
  • The Puzzler

Agony Uncle

  • Who qualifies for an ‘exhibition of contemporary working class art’? Our Agony Uncle weighs in.

What if…

  • Electricity were not for sale? Nick Dowson imagines a different kind of energy system.