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STACK'S BOWERS GALLERIES Official Auction of the 2022 Whitman Coin & Collectibles Winter Expo

1885 Gold Proof Set The Sydney F. Martin Collection Part II

1885 Gold Dollar. JD-2. Rarity-5. Proof-68

Ultra Cameo (NGC). None Finer at NGC.

1885 Quarter Eagle. JD-1. Rarity-5. Proof-67+

Cameo (PCGS). CAC. None Finer at PCGS or CAC.

1785 Connecticut Copper. African Head. Miller 4.2-F.6.

VF-20 (PCGS). One of Three Known.

1785 Connecticut Copper. Miller 6.5-M.

Rarity-6+. AU-53 (PCGS). Ex Picker. Among the Finest Known.

1885 Three-Dollar Gold Piece.

JD-1. Rarity-4+. Proof-67

Cameo (PCGS). Just 1 Finer at PCGS.

1885 Half Eagle. JD-1. Rarity-6-. Proof-66 Deep

Cameo (PCGS). CAC. None Finer at CAC. The Dannreuther Plate Coin.

1885 Eagle. JD-1. Rarity-6. Proof-64+ Deep Cameo (PCGS). CAC.

Just 3 Finer at PCGS and CAC.

1785 Connecticut Copper. Miller 6.6-A.3. Rarity-8+.

EF Detail (PCGS). Unique. First Ever Auction Appearance.

Undated (1722) Rosa Americana Twopence.

No Ribbon. Martin 1b.1-A.1.

AU-58 (PCGS). Ex Ford. Three Known.

1733 Rosa Americana Pattern Twopence. Martin 1-A. Rarity-7. Proof-62 BN (PCGS).

Ex Ford.

1724/3 Rosa Americana Pattern Penny. Martin 4.1-G.1. Rarity-7+.

MS-64 BN (PCGS). Ex Brand-Ford.

1885 Double Eagle. JD-1. Rarity-6. Proof-67 Deep Cameo (PCGS). CAC.

None Finer at PCGS or CAC. The Dannreuther Plate Coin.

Auction Dates: October 27-28 & November 1-4, 2022 Expo Lot Viewing: October 25-28, 2022 • Baltimore, MD

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