letters 12 from

Danielle Hogan Julia Mallory Madeleine Randmaa

editorial 16 Extraction

by Jac Renée Bruneau

features 20 Cooked Earth: Ambivalence in Terracotta by Zoë Heyn-Jones 26 Golden Jubilee: An interview with Suneil Sanzgiri by Aamna Muzaffar 32 Dowsing for Remediation, with Alana Bartol by Valérie Frappier

37 Tr ick le Down by Maggie Flynn 47 Dreaming of Decriminalization by Lauren Gabrielle Fournier

composition 56 Transplant Collaborations by Meech Boakye and Christina Kingsbury

artist project 0–5, 83–85 Mâkochî Nîbi Îhonîach (The Land is Close to Death) by Solomon Chiniquay

Text by Nicole Kelly Westman

tilling 78 Permanence for Black Diasporic Art in Canada by Anil Narine

COVER IMAGE Suneil Sanzgiri, Golden Jubilee, 2021, film still COURTESY OF THE ARTIST