Volume 14 Number 9

September 2022

The clinical monthly for emergency care professionals

EDITORIAL It isn’t your fault Aysha Mendes


RESEARCH Prehospital practitioner awareness and experience of CPR-induced consciousness Niall Carty and Gerard Bury 358 Diagnostic ability of a computer algorithm to identify prehospital STEMI Jordan L Funder, Kelly-Ann Bowles and Linda J Ross 366 Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB): a review for the prehospital clinician Théo Welch 374 COMMENT Paramedic and patient: lessons from my double life Jennifer McGlashan and Claire Crawford 386 NQP PERSPECTIVE The good fight: lessons from the pandemic Barry Costello 389 BOOK REVIEW Mental health care in paramedic practice Vincent Romano 390 SPOTLIGHT ON RESEARCH Pete Gregory 392 COURSES 394

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How prepared are you to deal with GHB toxicity? Despite associated morbidity and mortality, its recreational use is on the rise in the UK. Turn to p. 374 for an overview

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Journal of Paramedic Practice • Vol 14 No 9