10 Genesis GV60

Up-and-coming Korean brand goes fully electric with a more upmarket take on our 2022 Car of the Year, the Kia EV6

12 Citroën C5 X

Entry-level petrol version of this all-new estate cum SUV makes the most sense in a car that prioritises comfort

13 Hyundai Ioniq 6

We get an early taste of Hyundai’s new long-range electric four-door coupé

15 Vauxhall Astra

Popular family hatchback renews its battle with the Ford Focus and Seat Leon in a sharp new guise

16 Aston Martin DBX707

The world’s most powerful SUV gets supercar-baiting performance and sharper handling than the regular DBX



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22 News Move to make electric cars easier to

live with for disabled drivers

24 Deals of the month The biggest discounts

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31 Coming soon New cars worth waiting fo r,

including the BMW iX1 electric family SUV and Tesla Model S luxury saloon





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74 Best hybrid estate 76 Best electric MPV 76 Best for ef ficiency 78 Best electric luxury SUV 80 Best hybrid luxury SUV

82 Best electric performance car

83 Best hybrid performance car

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14 Honda Civic Type R

Iconic hot hatch evolves with the promise of improved performance and driver involvement – and we’ve taken an early passenger ride in it

6 October 2022

34 Across Europe in an electric car

We find out how viable it is to go on a good old-fashioned European road trip in an electric car – and set an unof ficial record in the process