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I think there’s something very satisfying about September’s arrival. Even without children at home, that ‘back to school’ feeling pervades everything – a fresh start, if you like, on what to cook, what to eat and how to live now that summer is almost over. I like to use up any leftover ingredients in warm salads or soups and then start to restock with autumn’s harvest treasures, like root veg, orchard fruit and greens. We’ve got plenty of ideas for new-season cooking in this issue, including a myriad of ways to use up homegrown veg, such as a super-cheesy cabbage gratin on page 116, the bramble streusel cake on page 75 and the beetroot pesto pasta on page 114. We’ve also continued to f lag those recipes that help all of us to eat better on a budget. Every one of these costs less than £2 per head in ingredients. If you still find budgeting challenging, turn straight to page 13 for nearly 30 tips on how to cut food bills. There is a treasure trove of ideas and hacks from the experts.

Finally, our food director Sarah developed and tested her recipe for our cover-star cottage pie at home. Her husband Dan, who must be one of the luckiest men alive, vowed it was her best recipe ever, and he’s had plenty to choose from! Why don’t you make it and let us know how you get on…






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