Contents Autumn 2022


p. 3 Editor’s Note

p. 6 The Q&A Francis Fukuyama

p. 10 Witness Compiled by our team

p. 71 Crossword Set by Chaliapin

p. 73 Quiz Set by Chris Maslanka


p. 8 Soapbox Back to the Bronze Age By Samira Ahmed

p. 16 Rights The "crime" of abortion By Soraya Chemaly

p. 70 In a word "Scandal" By Michael Rosen

p. 74 Endgame My final resting place By Laurie Taylor


p. 18 Cover story Propaganda is key in


Caroline Crampton on television after #MeToo on page 48

“Kurt Vonnegut has been called a Christ-loving atheist” Jonathan Shipley, page 56

conflict, but can we ever tell the truth about war? By Peter Salmon

p. 22 Technology How quantum computers could give us superhuman intelligence By Marcus Chown

p. 26 Ideas Can spies get better at

predicting the future? By Amy Zegart p. 30 Religion The serious side of the Flying Spaghetti Monster By Emma Park

p. 34 Ethics When is scientific research beyond the pale? By Kit Chapman

p. 38 Psychology Every era has its myths and rituals – ours come from psychology By Rami Gabriel

p. 43 Reportage Viktor Orbán's dangerous model of Christan Democracy By Amanda Coakley


p. 48 Television What does TV look like in the post-#MeToo era? By Caroline Crampton

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