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EUROPE No Easy Choices for ECB to Slay Inflation Tej Parikh PROPERTY AND REAL ESTATE How Specialist Finance Can Help Prevent Gazumping Paresh Raja FEMALE LEADERSHIP How Can Female Leaders in Fintech Pave the Way for the Next Generation of Women? Lissele Pratt

The Pandemic Has Unexpectedly Provided Momentum for Women in the Workplace Lisa Toppin, Ed.D. WOMEN IN BUSINESS Why Should A Woman Be Denied A Business Loan, Just Because A Man Designed It? Rathi Mani-Kandt and Koheun Lee MANAGEMENT Recruitment and Talent Management in Asia David De Cremer CORPORATE CULTURE Fast Skilling for Organizational Agility Tonushree Mondal GLOBAL TRADE The End of Steel Price Hike? Maurizio Bragagni and Lorenc Xhaferraj AVIATION INDUSTRY The Aviation Industry after the Pandemic Lena Wege and Michael Palocz-Andresen









CLIMATE CHANGE It’s Time for Climate Competition with China Roderick Kefferpütz CIRCULAR ECONOMY Looping Supply Chains: How Circular Economy will Disrupt the Way we Manufacture and Distribute Goods Martin Neuhold ECONOMIC THOUGHTS Capitalism, Imperialism, and Crisis Kalim Siddiqui GOVERNANCE ‘Governance, a Corporate High Jump’ – Needs That Leap of Faith Now Srinath Sridharan METAVERSE Marketing in the Metaverse – What I Learned from My 10-Year-Old George Kovoor BLOCKCHAIN Five Myths about Blockchain Francesco Fiacchi CYBER SECURITY The Residual Threat Caused by Ransomware Kevin Curran TAXATION Tax Compliance and Impact on Businesses Emine Constantin

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