letters 12 from

Angelica Ng Ashley Culver L i z Tsui

editorial 14 Maps

by Jac Renée Bruneau and

Maya Wilson-Sanchez

features 18 Hydrocartography: Mapping with Waters by cristina t. ribas and paul schweizer /

kollektiv orangotango 23 The Map Is the Territory: On Lucas LaRochelle’s Queering the Map by Kat Benedict 28 Star Stories and Indigenous Resistance Against Light Pollution by Lera Kotsyuba 33 Directions to BUSH Gallery by Leah Decter and Tania Willard 38 The Poetics of Indigenous Carto-Activism by Mimi Gellman

44 Mapping the Black Box by Sophia Arnold 51 Slow Enough to Watch the Ptarmigan Eating Willow Buds on Tundra: A Conversation with Maureen Gruben, led by Kyra Kordoski

composition 60 Cacophony and the Beyond: An Aural Topography by Sophia Larigakis

one thing 64 Octavia E. Butler on Mars by Coco Zhou

tilling 88 Governance, Ungovernance, and Other Possibilities by Tarin Dehod

artist project 0-5, 92-93 No Man’s Land by Razan Al-Salah Text by Dana Qaddah

COVER IMAGE Pudlo Pudlat, Settlement at a Distance, 1982, lithograph, 86 cm x 69 cm COURTESY OF DORSET FINE ARTS, TORONTO