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The coming age of food insecurity The war in Ukraine means we need to change what we eat and how we produce it Laura Wellesley & Tim G Benton

When XR met ex-oil We put Extinction Rebellion activists in the same room as a former BP man. What happened?

Stuffing the ballot box Attacks on the Electoral Commission threaten our democracy Alex Dean

The naked truth Will closing the UK’s strip clubs really help women? Jessica Abrahams Plus The right to touch Stigmatising people who pay for sex misses real human stories Tilly Lawless


Colombia—lost in limbo Despite a peace deal, the country is stuck in a cycle of violence Emily Hart

Heaven on earth To save the planet, we must learn from cultures that revere nature Karen Armstrong

The end of the road Delivering food to poor households in Leeds, Stu Hennigan saw appalling deprivation Plus Over the cliff edge Unaffordable housing has driven many to the brink Sarah Collins