‘The ISM has a strong member-centric approach towards both the challenges of COVID-19 and Brexit that its members face, with a wide range of achievements under incredibly difficult conditions.’ JUDGES, UK ASSOCIATION AWARDS 2021

STENTOR The First Choice

• Stentor offers high quality instruments to string players at every level. • Stentor violins, violas, cellos and double basses are carved from solid tonewoods with correct measurements and good tonal quality, offering students the best start to their musical careers. We carefully control the specification and quality at our own factory workshops to ensure instruments with good tone and the best playability. • Start playing with our best-selling outfits: - Stentor Student I and II • Step up to a Stentor Graduate, Conservatoire or Verona • Experience our high grade orchestral models: - Messina, Elysia and Arcadia • Stentor Student I and Student II outfits are played in most schools in the UK and many throughout the world.

Available in all sizes from music retailers

throughout the UK