The grid Contributors People

Jim al-Khalili, Devi Sridhar, Andy Byford, Graham Phillips, Rebecca Salter The joy of lex: Trolling

Sarah Ogilvie Brexit Britain’s liberal turn

Sam Freedman Philosopher-at-large:

Dealing with dictators Julian Baggini Diary

Beth Rigby Letters and In fact

plus Stephen Collins’s cartoon Heat or eat?

An exam question with no answers Torsten Bell ˆ Don’t kill all the lawyers

David Allen Green Lives Puzzles plus events Brief encounter

Monica Ali

The Churchill cult

Britain needs to face up to the darker side of its wartime icon Priyamvada Gopal Oxford rules

One university produced our current political mess Andrew Adonis Ž Voices from a nation

How the west is discovering Ukraine’s writers David Herman Ž Posthumous reputations

Julian Barnes’s tribute to Anita Brookner misfires Leo Robson Ž Visit from the Steve Jobs squad

Jennifer Egan’s tech visionary upends the world Catherine Taylor Ž Books in brief Art: Raphael, angel

with a clipboard Keith Miller ˆ Classical: Harrison

Birtwistle’s wounds Kate Molleson Stage: How playwright Beth

Steel knew she could do it Kate Maltby Screen: Riz Ahmed, from

Wembley to the Oscars Sukhdev Sandhu

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→ The rule of law

A new legal podcast, with Matrix Chambers → Sonia Sodha & Peter Kellner

On the local election results → George Robertson The former secretary general of

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