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Tom McEwan

Principal Educator (Midwifery), NHS Education

for Scotland

Corina Casey-Hardman

Head of Midwifery, Halton Midwifery Services,

Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Sadie Geraghty

Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame,


Jacque Gerrard MBE

Former Director, RCM England

Catherine Hamilton

Principal Lecturer; Assistant Associate Dean

Academic Quality Practice Enhancement and

Professional Lead Midwifery/Lead Midwife

Education, University of Hertfordshire

Eve Powell

Student Midwife, Cardiff University

Alison Power

Senior Lecturer in Midwifery, Faculty Lead for

Interprofessional Learning, Education and

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The British Journal of Midwifery aims to provide

midwives, students and maternity services

professionals with accessible, original clinical

practice and research articles, while also

providing summaries of high-quality research

evidence, promoting evidence-based practice.

282 research

Determinants of caesarean section

Editorial 245 The Ockenden report: what are the

next steps? Suzannah Allkins

Birthwrite 246 The infant microbiome

Kate Nash, Debra Sloam

Charity spotlight 248 Raising awareness of cytomegalovirus

Sharon Wood

Research 250 Third stage of labour management

approaches and postpartum haemorrhage in midwife-led units Dr Karen Baker, Dr John Stephenson

258 Photobiomodulation: a cultural

nursing intervention for physical and psychological adaptation Rosnani Rosnani, Setyowati Setyowati, Raldi Artono Koestoer, Bernard Tirtomoeljono Widjaja, Devi Mediarti, Hidayat Arifin

May 2022 Volume 30 Number 5

270 The experiences of black, Asian

and minority ethnic student midwives at a UK university John Pendleton, Dr Claire Clews, Aimee Cecile

282 Determinants of caesarean

section delivery: a nationwide study in Indonesia Aria Aulia Nastiti, Mira Triharini, Ni Komang Ayu Santika, Yulis Setiya Dewi, Najla A Barnawi, Hidayat Arifin

Professional 290 Coaching and mentoring skills: a

complement to the professional midwifery advocate role Cheryl Thomas

Comment 297 A new opportunity for midwives

Sarah Paxman, Sascha Koutrouza, Anna Temke

297 comment

The clinical leadership scheme for midwives

British Journal of Midwifery, May 2022, Vol 30, No 5