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Find where your ancestor worked with Goad fireinsurance maps


Inspired by Else Churchill’s article on 20th-century business records (page 62) I have enjoyed poring over the British Library Goad fire-insurance maps on Wikimedia. I’ve not just looked at where my ancestors worked, but also where I work today. Our lovely offices in Bristol (where we have finally returned) were once inhabited by Bass & Co Brewers next to a wine merchants!


ooked at where

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Every month I look forward to our ‘Q&A’ section (page 41). I love watching professional genealogists in action. Seeing regular contributor Katherine Cobb frequently solve readers’ brick walls, I asked her to share some of her favourite techniques. I hope her tips on page 17 will help you all uncover elusive ancestors hiding in the records. We’ve got lots of DNA stories this issue. Not only have we been talking to Turi King of BBC Two’s DNA Family Secrets (page 22), but this month sees the last in Debbie Kennett’s series on the different test providers and what they offer – focusing on the British company Living DNA (page 32). We also feature a reader who discovered the identify of her grandfather using DNA (page 68). And if you haven’t tested yet, the writer of our Star Letter each month wins a free test kit (page 6), so get writing!

Talking of letters, I’ve enjoyed reading about people’s experiences with the 1921 census. If you want to find out more about a relative’s recorded employer then turn to page 62 to learn how to track down 20th-century business records.

Finally, we are all very excited about the new series of WDYTYA? (page 86). I loved watching Sue Perkins in The Great British Bake Off and can’t wait to see what she finds. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to join in the conversation as the episodes air!

Sarah Williams Editor sarah.williams@ourmedia.co.uk


Katherine Cobb Based in Somerset, AGRA member Katherine has nearly 30 years’ experience as a professional genealogist. She shares some of the tricks of the trade on page 17.

Simon Fowler Simon (AKA the History Man!) has written many books and gives talks on family history. Also an AGRA member, on page 56 he examines registers of alcoholics – some are now online.

Else Churchill Else has been the Genealogist at the Society of Genealogists for almost 25 years, and shares some of the different kinds of business records you can find on page 62.