NEW FOR 2022/23 - 1:19 BAGNALL 2-4-0T

East Coast thoroughbreds from Accucraft! Peppercorn Class A1 Tornado - we have recently received our limited edition batch and still have few available for sale. The model faithfully captures the elegance and power of the Peppercorn class A1 design and carries all the details unique to Tornado. The model is gas-fired with slide valves and has all the features the Gauge 1 fraternity have come to expect from an Accucraft locomotive. The cylinders are fitted with drain cocks. The chassis is constructed from stainless steel. The boiler is copper, the cab (with sliding windows) and tender are constructed from etched brass. The UK RRP is £2895.00, with a percentage of the profit from sales of this superb model going to The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust to complete the financing of Tornado herself.

I.O.M.‘Mannin’ 2-4-0T

Gresley Class A4 Mallard - We have now seen both the engineering samples of this magnificent machine and are extremely pleased with the design. The body is an excellent rendering of the very tricky A4 shape and we feel sure it will be a crowd pleaser. Supplied in either LNER Garter Blue with valances fitted or wartime black and BR green without valances, the model will also be offered without nameplates or numbers allowing them to be finished to the customer’s specification. The UK RRP is £2995.00 and we will be closing the order book shortly – don’t miss out!

NEW FOR 2019 – 1:32 SCALE ADAMS RADIAL TANK 4-4-2T With London suburban services in mind, William Adams’ 415 Class was based on his earlier LSWR 46 Class, with a trailing radial axle added to support an enlarged coal bunker. Coupled to a short wheelbase and leading bogie, the locomotive could accommodate tight curves, a feature that was to ensure the survival of some of the class later on. The 0415’s tenure on the London suburban services was relatively short-lived and with the introduction of Drummond’s M7 class 0-4-4 tanks and the class was generally removed to rural branch duties from 1895. In 1903 the link was made between the class and the severely curved Lyme Regis branch where the ‘Radials’ proved to be highly suited to that line. Two were allocated to Exmouth Junction shed, joined in 1946 by a third example retrieved from the East Kent Railway. They continued on the Lyme Regis branch after Nationalisation but the end finally came in 1961. However the final example, No. 30583, was purchased by the Bluebell Railway and preserved. The model is 1:32 scale for 45mm gauge track, gas-fired with a single flue boiler. The chassis is constructed from stainless steel, the wheels are uninsulated, the boiler is copper. Exclusively available from Accucraft UK (The East Kent Railway version from Kent Garden Railways). The anticipated UK RRP will be £1950.00 or £1995.00 for the RTR version (depending on livery), £1795.00 or £1850.00 for the kits. This will be the first Accucraft model to benefit from assembly in Japan, bringing improved build quality and finish as well as giving us the option to offer the model in kit form, a first for Accucraft UK!

I.O.M. ‘Pairs’ Coaches

Following the release of the gorgeous little Peckett, we are delighted to announce that our next small locomotive will be the Bagnall 2-4-0T Rheidol. We are sure many associated with 16mm scale will have soft spot for this engine! Originally named Treze de Maio, the engine was built by Bagnalls of Stafford for a Brazilian sugar cane plantation in 1896 but never delivered as the order was cancelled, instead the locomotive was regauged from 2’ 5 ½” gauge to 2’ 3” gauge when it was sold to the Plynlimon and Hafan Tramway and named Talybont. In 1903, after the failure of that railway, it was purchased for the construction of the Vale of Rheidol Railway, regauged to 1’ 11 ¾” and renamed Rheidol. Absorbed by the GWR in 1923 it was numbered it 1198, but it was withdrawn and scrapped the following year, having never carried its GWR number. The model is gauge-adjustable (32mm and 45mm), gas-fired and fitted with a water top-up valve, water gauge with blow-down valve, lubricator and pressure gauge; constructed of stainless steel and etched brass with a copper boiler, the model will, as usual, be covered by our two-year warranty. The anticipated pre-order RRP is £1695.00 (subject to the usual provisos), available late 2022 or early 2023. Fitted with Accucraft chopper couplings, the model will be supplied with two chimneys, the original balloon stack and the more traditional type. Available in five liveries, full details can be found on the Accucraft UK website.

L & B Coaches

W & L No. 14 2-6-2T

W & L Sheep Wagon

RCH 7 Plank Wagon

1:32 ‘Victory’ 0-6-0T

1:32 LNER A1 4-6-2

1:13.7 Bagnall 0-4-0ST

W & L Cattle Van

1:32 BR Mk1 Coaches

1:32 BR Black 5 4-6-0

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For details of our complete range of models visit our website – ACCUCRAFT UK LTD, UNIT 4, LONG MEADOW INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, PONTRILAS, HEREFORD, HEREFORDSHIRE, HR2 0UA

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