petits propos culinaires 122

EDITORIAL ADVISORS Philip & Mary Hyman, Paris Charles Perry, Los Angeles Barbara Santich AM, Adelaide Barbara Ketcham Wheaton, Massachusetts Andrew Dalby, Poitou Rachel Laudan, Texas Professor Gilly Lehmann, Franche Comté Professor Stephen Mennell, Dublin Dr. Astri Riddervold, Oslo Claudia Roden, London Helen Saberi, London Regina Sexton, Co. Cork Professor John Wilkins, Exeter Anne Willan, London C. Anne Wilson, Leeds

PPC (PETITS PROPOS CULINAIRES) is an international journal on food, food history, cookery and cookery books. It is edited and pro­duced in Britain and has been coming out three times a year since the beginning of 1979 when a group including Elizabeth David, Alan Davidson, and Richard Olney founded it. It is edited in Devon by Tom Jaine. Details of how to take out a subscription are on page 4.