April 2022 Volume CXCV No– 707



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Cover Self-Portrait: Automatic Writing, 1938, André Breton (1896–1966), photomontage on paper, 14.2 × 10cm. Israel Museum, Jerusalem © ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2022 See feature on pp.64–69


11 Editor’s Letter 12 Agenda

April highlights, Venice pavilions and beyond the Biennale 21 Letter

Matt Stromberg asks what LA’s new status as global art capital means for local artists 25 Diary

Hettie Judah tries to make sense of all the words on museum walls 29 Art Market

Stephanie Dieckvoss looks at what happened in the London auctions 35 Collectors’ Focus

Emma Crichton-Miller finds the joys in British Surrealism 39 Inquiry

Gabrielle Schwarz examines what museums are really doing about the environment 42 Architecture

Catherine Slessor on what we are losing with Bastion House 45 Food

Thomas Marks on some fishy paintings from Venice 47 Wine

Christina Makris finds the parallels between art and wine

p. 58

Features 52 Hunger Games

Davide Gasparotto of the Getty encourages us to take a close look at the Miracle of the Quails by the Venetian Master Jacopo Bassano 58 Woman of the Moment

Jane Morris talks to Cecilia Alemani, the artistic director of the Venice Biennale 64 Slumber Party

As Surrealism takes over the world, Mark Polizzotti revisits the legacy of its original leader, André Breton 70 Gold standard

Mary Wellesley makes a pilgrimage to see marvels from the Middle Ages at the Musée de Cluny in Paris 78 Around the Galleries

By Samuel Reilly